Thoughts and Prayers:

Sending your thoughts and prayers on twitter doesn't do much to enact change. But what if these words can create a bigger impact. Every time a person tweets "Sending my thoughts and prayers..." a business (possibly yours?) would donate $1 to a charity or organization which helps prevent whatever disaster just happened.

How it would be done: We'd analyze keywords such as "thoughts" "prayers" "my heart" and match them with the time and event that just took place like "NYC Terror" "Paris" "Victims". Then we'd aggregate the tweets and donate money for each tweet sent.

Netflix drinking games:

Put drinking games on Netflix. A movie with rules explained to you before it starts. Power Hours. Visual medium drinking games.

Even birds fly Jet Blue or whatever airline I end up working on:

This campaign would be based on a bird flying an airline because the amenities they provide are just so much better than using your own wings.

An idea for David's bridal or another wedding company:

Turn a grocery shopping aisle into a wedding aisle. Cover the aisle with rose petals and have a stand at the end of the aisle with flowers and a ring.
The line would be like " We make every moment special"

Citi Bike Helmets:

Seriously, why aren't these a thing yet? Bins - collected and distributed next to the Citi bike terminal. Use infrared and high heat to clean them in between uses.